Official Group Photos
1st HBI TournamentSpring of 1994 Riviera
"Doug & Steve check out of the Imperial Palace"
· "Bonnie Springs Ranch"
· "Wayne Newton" · "The Luxor Trilogy & Motion Ride" · "Dave & Dan get to the top of the Luxor

2nd HBI TournamentSpring of 1995 Riviera
"Doug's watch set to Central Standard Time" · "Dave showering at 4:00 am for golf" · "Hoover Dam (?)" · "Sluggo stays after for Century 21 convention

3rd HBI TournamentSpring of 1996 Four Queens & Riviera

Memories:"Riviera comedy club afternoon" · "F'n Peterson naked in alley" · "F'n Peterson alone in Binions cafe" · "Roller coaster at State Line" · "Peterson screws brothers from staying at Rio

4th HBI TournamentSpring of 1997 Rio
Memories:"Fuchsia shirts" · "New York New York coaster" · "Circus Circus coaster" · "The Big Shot" · "Doug & Roger duke it out on the strip" · "Trip to gun shop"

5th HBI TournamentSpring of 1998 at the Rio

"Viking football jerseys" · "F'n Peterson reads the Sun Country shirts" · "Ron's Petty Experience" · "Star Trek Experience" · "Q & Bennett see Hoover Dam" · "F'n Peterson toothbrush incident"

6th HBI TournamentSpring of 1999 Palace Station

F'n Peterson Reading of F'n Peterson Shirt" · "The Reading of the Book" · "Chicken and Egg Game Revival" · "Q flies out of Sioux Falls" · "Willie Nelson" 
Overheard: "I married into this mess, what's your excuse?" · "That would be my former travel agent." · "Was it Racer? It's a hook." · "You scoot over, you bend over." · "This ain't your lucky day. (stick out wooden leg)" · "Score one for Q." · "Hi, this is housekeeping. I need backup." · "She wore two years off my blue jeans." · "My $20 sports bets are looking pretty stupid now." · "...Up to here." (Place fist on forehead) · "Free Willy!" · "True Story" · "That F'n trophy is NOT going to Albuquerque." · "You bastards." · "F'n Peterson"

7th HBI TournamentSpring of 2000 Gold Coast Casino

F'n Peterson Reading of F'n Peterson Shirt" · "Bowling For Dollars" · "St. Patrick's Day Downtown" · "The Big NCAA Bet" · "Rodney Dangerfield
Overheard:"cough-cough-cough. (pause) I think that's blood!" · "Loser's room. Do not disturb." · "SLUGGO WINS! SLUGGO WINS!" · "F'n Peterson"

8th HBI TournamentSpring of 2001 Gold Coast Casino
Fn Norwegian Reading of the Shirt and Book" · "The Dougie Show" · "Bowling for Dollars" · "Pool at Pinkies" · "Partying with the Poker Vest Gals" · "Dougie and Dr. Naughty"
Got a screwdriver?" · "Tempura Society" · "It takes a big man to go to mom." · "There are rules to the game." · "What else would you brag about?" · "Cream rises." Resp: "That ain't cream" · "My wife is quitting her job and going back to school." Resp: "Child psychology?" · "Wake up fart face." · "I notice there are 3 Kraft brothers at the losers table." · "Dougie, put some underwear on tonight." · "Gone to Las Vegas for vacation, leave on probation." · "$100 in Russia buys the whole chicken ranch." · "I'll trade you my underwear for the vest." · "Fully vested." · "Happy Birthday Dougie" · "Do you remember when movies were just a nickel?" · "Are you lost? (to Sluggo at the winners table)" · "Beware of the roommate with a can of either and a bottle of Viagra in their shaving kit." · "Bud, Weis, Er" (Dave, Dougie, and John Q demonstrating syncopated snoring)

9th HBI TournamentSpring of 2002 at the Luxurious Gold Coast Casino
Memories:"Blaming Bennett" · "Construction Heavy Equipment Convention"
"Pull the goalie." · "There's no whining in Huckley Buck." ·"Help him! Help him! I've got four hooks in a row!" · "F'n Peterson"

10th HBI TournamentSpring of 2003 at the Luxurious Gold Coast Casino

11th HBI TournamentSpring of 2004 at the Luxurious Gold Coast Casino
Memories:"Evan's first time" · "Q's decisive trophy win" · "Stratosphere" · "Golf rained out... wait... this is Vegas"

12th HBI TournamentSpring of 2005 at the Luxurious Gold Coast Casino