"My advice to this year's IHBA inductees: See Hoover Dam"
- John Quarnstrom 

IHBA member since 1998

"Huckley Buck, Golf, and Light Beer
from Miller. 'Nuff said."
- Dave Kraft 

Co-founder and IHBA member since 1994

"That d*** trophy isn't going home with me this year!"
- Ron Luitjens

IHBA member since 1997

"It's an honor and a privilege to finally become a permanent member of the IHBA. Dave, while you're up could you get me a Light Beer From Miller?"
- Jon Hoidal

IHBA member since 1996

"I wouldn't advise having visual proof of this."
- Dan BennettIHBA member since 1998

"Wait 'til I show this to your wife!"
- Steve KraftCo-founder and IHBA member since 1994

"I'll be looking for that same Flare I had last year."
- Doug Kraft

Co-founder and IHBA member since 1994

"I'm looking forward to missing Hoover Dam this year."
- Dan Bennett
IHBA member since 1998