The hostess with the mostest.

Mr B does his William Tell imitation, cigar butt style.

We always knew Jay was a same sex marriage advocate. Next time he rooms with Ian.

The official mascot of the '99 IHBA Championship was our own version of "The Chicken".

Although a "poker face" is an important component to HB play, never be quite so obvious as Dan K. when dealt a hand of "pups".

Not always a pretty sight the riggers of competition can take the most out of even the most seasoned professional.

Ron suits up to drive at the Richard Petty driving experience flanked by Doug and Q who weren't so brave.

You have to play it where it lies. During the '99 IHBA Golf Outing Jim Brunk has to make up for a truly lousy tee off shot by playing the ball out of the snow.

Ron before driving a stock car at the Las Vegas International Speedway explains how he's planning on taking the pace car at turn 4 going at 240 mph.

Racer retires early with his pal the towel.

A grueling and highly competitive round of the chicken game.